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We have precious little Purebred Golden Retrievers for sale. They are bright, playful and very smart. Contact us to find your perfect Golden baby today!

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About Stylish Retrievers

Stylish Retrievers has over 2 decades experience raising, training & competing Golden Retrievers for sale. Putting Stylish Retrievers at an expert level to best guide families in adding a new Golden Retriever puppy to their family in a fun & educational way. Let us help you make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you’re getting it from the right breeder. Our Golden Retrievers are very cheap and affordable so everyone can get one.
Our primary goal with each breeding program is to improve the breed in terms of health, structure and overall breed type according to breed standard before the Golden Puppies are rehomed or adopted by the new owners. We strive for HEALTH first, structure, temperament, and overall breed type. We are dedicated to the health and happiness of our Golden Retrievers for sale. Our Golden Retrievers for sale come first and that commitment is reflected in our service to you. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations. We’re ready to help you adopt a Golden Retriever puppy today.
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“A Golden Retriever is one of the only things on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

That is why we are here to help you adopt your favorite Golden Retriever for adoption today!

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Our Golden Retrievers for adoption are kept in safe cozy shelters

Our kennel has very healthy Golden Retrievers for adoption. Dogs weren’t meant to be stuck in a small kennel, they were meant for running and exploring while making us laugh. At Stylish Retrievers, we believe in happy and healthy Golden Retrievers for sale. Our property has a nice fenced in area where our dogs can play, explore and just plain run whenever they please. We have large kennels for when they rest or if the weather isn’t as nice as it should be.
Most commonly kept as pets, the Golden Retriever loves people and, like most dogt breeds, will want to be near you and doesn’t like to be left alone. They are very loyal to their owners, too. This breed love babies and children and so will thrive in a family home, building bond with everyone in the household. We offer you the most affordable Golden Retrievers for adoption.
After accepting to rehome a Golden Retriever puppy, we can meet up or ship the puppy by flight to your preferred location.
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Our adult Golden Retrievers also get daily exercise

The Golden Retriever’s wonderful temperament is one of the reasons they are such a popular dog. Friendly, happy and goofy, these pups have an excellent personality that brings joy to those around them! They love people and get on very well in a family environment with both adults, children and even other animals.
They are an active breed and love to play, keeping up their puppy energy well into their adult years. This breed likes to join in with their family, making the perfect companion, and doesn’t particularly like to be left out. The Golden Retriever’s kind hearted nature combined with their intelligence also makes them excellent working dogs, such as guide dogs and therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers for adoption really do have one of the best temperaments out there!

Golden Retrievers for sale (How we care for our Golden Retriever puppies)

The first few weeks are critical for a newborn puppy. We make sure momma is feeding and cleaning them. We have a heat warmer to keep them warm and they are checked on every couple hours. They are also monitored by cameras. As they grow, they will be socialized with children and other dogs.*
*Golden Retrievers for sale: All puppies will be dewormed and vaccinated before being placed with their fur-ever homes.

Before Delivery:

About a week and a half or so before her due date she will settle in her whelping box and nest to her heart’s desire. Mommas get much needed attention – There is soft calming music and white noise to help her relax. She is given 2 hardy meals each day with milk, and yogurt along with regular puppy food.

During Delivery:

During and after whelping,  momma and her babies are kept warm and cozy under a heat warmer. A week after momma delivers, it’s hard to get them out of their box to go potty, they just want to spend all their time with their new babies. Once week 2/3 rolls by, she is taken out 2-3 times daily to exercise and socialize for short periods of time.
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Our Golden Retrievers are bred to be companion dogs and are perfect for families with Children because of their loving and playful nature.

If you are looking for beautiful, loving and well socialized Golden Retrievers for sale, please consider one of ours.

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